---::[ Translations and localisations ]::---

Here are some translations/localisations of tools, games or else into italian or german. Please note that we do all this things for free and especially for fun and to learn new things in the deep world of information technology! :)

Qui si trovano alcune traduzioni/localizzazioni di software, giochi, siti in italiano o tedesco. Perfavore, tenete presente che tutti questi lavoretti li facciamo free ma soprattutto per divertimento e imparare meandri nuovi in informatica! :)

Traduzione italiana Trapped Dead - by KLs33K

KLs33K, ha eseguito e completato la traduzione in italiano (o in altri termini la localizziazione) del gioco di strategia Trapped Dead. Il download ufficiale si trova ->qui<-. Buon download e giocata. By KLs33K!

Free Rainbow Tables

Here are the Italian translations for the FreeRainbowTables.com project website made by occasus.
it-xml-v1.0.zip First translation.
it-xml-v1.1.zip Second translation, corrected most mistakes.
It was the beginning. After someone else overtook the job.

Tourettes Machine

Theodore Watson wrote a firefox plugin that randomly adds swear words to your form fields and text areas as you type once. In English language. As the source code is available and free I took it and recompiled it in Italian and German language. There are 2 versions a moderate one and an extreme one. The 7zip files contains both versions. You can download the extensions in IT or in DE. Once you downloaded and extracted them, you can simply take the xpi installation and drag&drop the file on a FireFox session (you can also disable or enable the extension). Please visit http://fffff.at/scheise-tourettes-fur-deutsche and look at the vid'. It is one of the best I've ever seen!
ALL CREDITS go to Theodore Watson. Please refer to F.A.T., thanks.

All Subs

October/november 2k8 translated the home of AllSubs.org, extremely huge subtitle website!
http://www.allsubs.org/forum/post69.html#69 old credits
http://blog.allsubs.org/category/translations/ credits