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Here are some tasks or very tiny projects which involved some basic knowledge in computer systems. do not expect anything special... Bottom is older, top is newer.

Qui ci sono solamente alcuni piccoli lavoretti fatti in passato per risolvere piccoli problemi informatici. Assolutamente nulla di speciale. Lavoretti piccolini più vecchi in fondo e i nuovi in cima.

SynthFont Trial Reset - by orobas/SPY

SynthFont Trial Reset is simply what it says.
The donateware
SynthFont displays a splashscreen after the 22nd usage and in time it becomes annoying. This script resets the counters so that in the next program start the splashscreen disappears. The usage is really easy, simply unpack and run the .bat file, that easy. Please use the latest version. Help, feedback, suggestions are welcome so feel free to contact me at www.TeamSPY.info. By the way it works for v1.4xx but not for newer.

SynthFont Trial Reset v2.0: sfTR20.rar.
[+] added menu, works w/ xp, vista, seven

... older versions, trust me if I say they don't work well...
SynthFont Trial Reset v1.2: sfTR12.rar.
[!] bugfix, now it REALLY keeps ALL favourites, program settings, aso
SynthFont Trial Reset v1.1: sfTR11.rar.
[!] now it resets quickier, w/o completely rebooting
SynthFont Trial Reset v1.0: sfTR10.rar.
[!] now it resets counters in all languages in xp (not only italian)
SynthFont Trial Reset v0.2 beta: sftr02.rar.
[!] now it keeps favourites, program settings, aso
SynthFont Trial Reset v0.1 beta: sfTrialReset.v0.1.beta.rar.

vB Thread Maker - by +DarioX/SPY

vBTM is a little program that may be very useful for forum newbies. I would like to thank orobas for his awesome icons and his feddback/support. Greetz fly out to: orobas, Seether, Revimor and the rest of Team SPY! Here are the three versions. Useless to say that the latest is v0.3 beta. vBTM03b.rar! Older: vBTM02b.rar and vBTM01b.rar.

Delete Old Files - by occasus

Once a friend of mine needed a script to delete every 2 weeks a certain directory + subdirectories. It is written in batch and this is one of the most complicated ways to write it rofl. Here is the little package.

'Hacking' challenge

Finalmente oggi 10 ottobre 2k10 sono riuscito a completare definitivamente l'internet challenge Quadium32 è divertente che neanche farlo apposta sia il 10.10.10 hihihi... Inoltre sto scrivendo una guida step-by-step sulla sua completa risoluzione... Ecco la prova:

HellBoundHackers.org - Other - Level 11

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