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Many times, while reading old forum post or articles about old pieces of software or else, happens that the sources are not available anymore. Here I would like to store some files that I needed in the past, and it was a pain to find them again. Btw if you want me to remove something because you are the real owner, just let us know. Thank you.

Molte volte capita che durante la lettura di vecchi post su vari forum oppure di articoli che trattano vecchi programmini / file in generale, si abbia la necessià di cercare assiduamente detti file. In quest'area vorrei tenere certi software a disposizione. Se qualche autore desiderasse la loro rimozione, ce lo faccia sapere. Grazie.


TechnoMidi is a project to create a database of techno music in midi format. It is always online but it is no more updated, last update was on 17th January 2001. The files hosted there are even not available to download - but it should be! So I think I'll upload soon an archive with all songs I was able to get from there... Uploaded: midi archive :)


Legacy file_id.diz creator 2.3 is a freeware program from Legacy Software, Inc. which does not exist anymore. This freeware is no more available anywhere. I only was able to get the original file fileid.zip which is a corrupted zip file containing "File_id.diz", "Info.txt" and "Setup.exe". I was only able to repair the setup file. However who wants this program, it is available here: FileIdDizCreator.7z.


... has stopped the development on DVD Decrypter (in my opinion the best), THE dvd ripper whith infinitely many options and tools. Since June 2005 the site does not exist anymore but until now some one else decided to keep online an unofficial mirror of this great tool: DVDDecrypter.org.uk. It is not always possible to download that file, so I decided to put here the latest and greatest version: DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0. Enjoy ripping :)


Once again a wonderful and useful freeware program has lost its home, twice. The following link gives you the old page the author had at a time. The description and download of the program can be found here.


Androsa FileProtector is a professional and freeware file encryption software that protects any type of file encrypting completely the content with the most advanced systems of cryptography. The project created by Alessandro was up from 2007 to 2010. The last homepage update was in 2010 and the version of Androsa FileProtector is 1.4.4. Here you may download 3 files that where on his official homepage. Windows Installer, or if you prefer Portable Version. There is also the Translator Tool provided by him.