Here are just simple Team SuPremacY related things I did in some spare time. Really nothing special. Anyway...

.nfo files

Here are just 2 .nfo files. Nothing special: just wanted to spend on them some time. Great RESPTECT goes to Crude, for theyr wonderful .nfo!!! There are several ways to view .nfo files and there are many tools for that. Anyway the way i better like to watch .nfo files is by opening them with notepad.exe and set as font type Terminal and size 9.
Download: here. Last update 8nov2k9.

forum buttons

Concerning the warez posters, it became in the last time a must have in their own posts. Quality matters, but even the eye wants its part. So Uploders and posters use several creative images w/ info, download, password or such strings. You can find some done by myself - in boring times hehe, once again nothing special. Maybe the best ones of those are the 'fire' and 'lulu'. For those who'd like its use, the hotlinks are here: buttonhotlink.txt. Btw a list of filehost logos (300x50) are here:filehostlogo.txt.
Download: Fire, VistAlike, Skratch, JapGreen, TinyDwarf, Lulu. Last update 28oct2k11.

forum signatures

Here are some (6) signatures made by me! Just wanted to try out some gfx... Gimp 4ever LOL :) it's not that easy! Either you the Art inside or you don't :(
Download: here. Last update 8nov2k10.

forum userbars

Here are some userbars made by me for the TeamSPY Community, okok just 1 :( Time begins to be less and less.
Download: here. Last update 31aug2k12.

Team SPY Music

We are proud to present this new corner of music art. Here follows the muzik created by LinGua!
Download: The Hole, The Hole v2, Maggiore Dio. Last update 31aug2k12.

Team SPY releases

Simply un unofficial release list of my own creatings :) Those maybe are something interesting, because quality matters :) Hmmm... Atm I dunno how to structure such a list. Maybe there will be .txt file in future... Anyway who cares?